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Suicide Pandemic

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Media, offline (NewsChannels and Newspaper) as well as online, have been busy counting number of suicides and heart attacks over the death of YSR. Obvious and expected to a thinking mind, the number of death toll have varied from just over 100 to 344.

Recently, two weeks ago, I observed the count of swine flu victim in Pune was reduced by 2. The officials said that the virus HINI was misappropriately considered guilty of two deaths. Likewise, and for the fact of the matter, it’s more difficult to establish the casuality of these suicides and heart attacks. Even, tougher is to deny the causality sitting far from AP when people residing over there would die for number greater than humdred.

The number 344 (46 suicide+ 298 heart attacks) came from Kadapa MP Y S  Jaganmohan Reddy. I can think of following reason for people like YSJR coming with this high number

a) Sense of self importance on divulging an information unknown to whole world. b) proving YSR was a superstar, though he was; and YSJR worked for the  superstar, and only star works for superstar.c) this information has  surprise/shock element in it, this  is reason why we all like to discuss about it, and so did YSJR.

Doubt over the validity of numbers didn’t make me write a blog entry, the reason I set out to write this that I have seriously started doubting that AP has been inflicted with suicide pandemic.  This suicide virus must have been reason behind all 48 suicides, it must have been reason behind  farmers committing suicide.

First time I came  across the idea of suicide being infectious is in novel Snow of Orhan Pamuk.  It made me think, and I realized that suicide must be infectious. For a person it becomes easier to commit suicide when he has thousands cases before him. The more the cases, the easier it becomes. After all, with all due respect to the beauty of world, a person doesn’t looses anything by committing suicide, and in fact he unburdens him of all the expectations, failures that has wounded his heart thoughout his existence. Once a person realizes it becomes easier. Farmers in AP have attained this wisdom.

Few days ago, I came across a video featuring Vandana Siva where she was playing blame game on farmers suicide with Monsanto. The fact that needs to be known is that Monsanto sells BT cotton seeds, farmers in AP are using them, BT cotton seeds require regular supply of water, and it’s highly senitive to regular supply of water, it’s not adjusting like traditional seeds which still gives good result when monsoon is late. So farmers didn’t get much from their land, and few of them committed suicide. Now Vandana Siva is blaming Monsanto for that. Though Monsanto has more logical arguments in favour of them, like they have mentioned the precondition in package of seeds, that with good farming the result is better, so they must not be held responsible for illiteracy of farmers.

I have one more argument in favor of Monsanto. That farmers in AP might be inflicted with suicide virus. And as days is passing it is becoming easier for them to commit suicide. Think of a hypothetical situation, say you have few people in your family who have committed suicide, won’t it be easier for you. Have researchs  not shown us that kid from divorced parents are more likely have divorce. It’s about psychology of overcoming the mental threshhold.

If it’s true then we must act on it, because this local suicide epidemic might become a pandemic, and would be more deadly than spanish flu of 1918.


Written by SK

September 8, 2009 at 10:32 am

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