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I stumbled upon recently.  The website has a tool. They are calling it, analyzer. it analyses your writing and tells you the famous writer you write like.

Working as an analyst for close to a  decade, and also having an interest in literature, I find this tool mind blowing.  I have been thinking really hard as to what kind of set up they have in the tool, what algorithm they have used, how much data (writing snippets) they have. If any of you have insight into it, let me know.

I put my writing on the tool to find that that I write like


I am more ambitious than this. I was not happy. I put my second sample of writing, and it was Corey Doctorow once again. Again, I was not happy with the result, but still it looked like the tool was working.  I tested the tool, by putting the piece of writing from famous authors, and the tool really worked. When I put writing from Chekhov, Chekov it was; when I put Hemingway, Hemingway it was! Is it that this tool keeps writing of famous authors in the database? it’s quite possible, but to keep all the writings from all famous authors is not an easy job.

I put my other writing snippets, and I got to know that sometimes I write like Arthur Clark, and sometimes David Foster Wallace. I was happy. Since I have read these two, I have been wondering, looking at my writing that  what did the tool pick up in the writing to say the writing was like Arthur Clark or DFW. I developed some idea, but still I am sure whether the tool could be this advanced. The writing snippet – it says- is like the writing of DFW, had some meta-writing in it, the kind you could expect in his writing. But still, I am not sure the tool can pick this up.

Between, when i pasted above piece of blog, I find that I am wearing a Dan Brown hat at this moment.


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September 3, 2013 at 2:03 pm

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