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Australia’s Bowling Worries

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Look at below chart, plotting three important bowling performance matrix for all major cricket playing nations from year 2002 to year 2008. It’s surprising to know that Australia has the worst economy rate , the worst bowling average, and the worst strike rate. Yes, I know , you must be thinking about the great Mcgrath and the great and entertaining Warne. While Mcgrath retired in year 2007 with career statistics: Average,22.02,Strike rate,34,Economy rate,3.88; Warne retired in year 2005 with career figure of Average,25.73,Strike rate,36.3,Economy rate,4.25.

Bowling Matrix

Please note that economy rate is plotted against secondry axis.

The possible explanation could be that, may be they score high,  and so does the opposition; or may be all teams raise their level high against Aussies, and lower down their standard against other teams.

To test this hypothesis, let’s see how do rest of the countries fare against Aussies in these three measures.

Bowling All against Australia

Let’s see how Australia’s bowler has done compared to their counterparts.

All against Australia

It seems, we have no choice but to reject the earlier hypothesis. Moreover, looking at the above bar chart, one is tempted to conclude that Aussies must have lost more mathes than they would have won in this time period.


Written by SK

August 16, 2009 at 5:21 am

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